Thursday, 31 December 2009

Here’s to 2010

2010 is the year for my personal Quest for Success. I have had this business name for many years and have had it registered for one year, however I am easily distracted by helping others in their businesses. This is a nice problem to have, to be asked to run, care take, develop and purchase the businesses that have been built by others. But my heart isn’t in that and so it is wrong for me to pursue these offers.

I am creating my own successful business and 2010 is it’s year. It is starting from scratch. This time last year I had three months funding on my side, this year I don’t have that luxury but I have an abundance of other assets (including a selection of excellent recourses and of course a talent for creating amazing results for the clients I work with) and so it is going to be interesting. This blog is to both share the journey with you and to observe the journey for myself.

My intention is for the business to be authentic, have integrity, to speak to many people, profitable and to be masses of fun for me to create it and fun for those who come in contact with it.

This page is not as it should be; it is not branded properly although it will be soon. Today is New Year’s Eve and I have two posts to write, this one and one for my sister site, along with going out to dinner with my Family and Friends. So until the next time ‘Here’s to 2010 may it be a success for us all’.

With love, Karen

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