Friday, 16 April 2010

Last posted on 7th February! Goodness where has the time gone?  Well it has been invested in all sorts of areas plus a bout a sickness, from which I am fully recovered.

Lots has happened too, but mainly I have been focusing on the book.  This blog is to say that I have not renewed my blog hosting for  nor have I renewed my blog hosting for

This was a big decision for me and quite difficult to make.  In the end I let them expire because:

  • Most of my writing was for the book not the blog
  • I still own the domain names of course, this has not expired

and most importantly,

  • I am not familiar with the easy use of blog sites, there are so many things I cannot do and I do not find them intuitive.  I have many materials and tutorials on how best to use them, which to me is a learning project in itself.

So I have postponed blogging on these sites until I am equipped enough to use them properly.

I am going back into my shell now, I have a presentation to deliver next week, (I am looking forwar to this very much) so I am working on that, there is LOTS of topical material around and so I am delighted to have a over abundance of exercises and materials to deliver from, and then back to my book.

See you all soon, and I won't leave it so long before another update.


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